Monday, July 31, 2017

Lolli and Pops

Upon my recent trip to the King of Prussia Mall, I found an awesome new candy shop Lolli and Pops. It looked amazing from the outside, and when I got inside, it was pretty amazing as well! 

Peanut butter pretzel nuggets were to die for! I just love anything with peanut butter! 
The shop has a wonderful selection of British and Japanese candies. I was a bit over the moon at the selection. 

Japanese candies!! 
I have been DYING to try these green tea kit kats and I finally had my chance! If you ask for a taste, they just take a bag, rip it open and give you one. These went in my basket asap. They are so darn good! 
More of the Japanese selection 

These are rice crispy treats on overload! 
Their selections really impressed me and unfortunately they have no stores in NYC. Yet. 
Butter beer! 

Gummy frogs that were too cute to eat! 
Okay, I purchased the Hello Kitty wafer green tea cookies but I didn't care for the taste at all. 

Coffee caramel popcorn? Oh my goodness! 

Yes, they have a candy counter 
Everything in the case looked so wonderful. This was like a Willy Wonka land for sure! 

Love, love these marzipan designs! I don't think I could eat them. 

Nice to see the French Macarons here too! 
I will say I purchased 2 truffles and they didn't knock my socks off. Maybe I chose the wrong flavors. 
I just love the amount of original items here 

These were just so adorable! 
It was one of the busiest shops in the mall 
i just adore petit fours! 

The most stores seem to be in California as they are based in San Francisco. They opened in 2012, and it looks like they are doing quite an expansion as of late. I cannot wait till they open in NYC as I think they will do very well as they offer many different items from the candy shops currently in the city. When I checked their online store, they didn't stock everything that you find in the store, but they had lovely gift boxes to send to family and friends. I am so glad I came across them in King of Prussia, and I will be on the lookout when they open (hopefully soon) in NYC! 

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