Friday, July 7, 2017

A Stroll Through Central Park

The very first Central Park commission was appointed between 1857 and 1870. This park has so much history to it and really takes you away from the hustle and bustle we know New York City can be. There are so many adventures here from the Zoo, Walking Tours, Pedicab Tours, Bike Rentals and Tours just to name a few. They also have many free events that are held if you are looking for something for a family on a budget. I think the best way to enjoy the park is to walk at your own pace and take in all the beauty it has to offer. Shall we .........

The gorgeous Sheeps Meadow which has some of the best views 

So relaxing, don't you think? 

A chess championship taking place 

the gorgeous Bethesda Fountain 
Bethesda Terrace 
I just love this ceiling of Bethesda Terrace which was restored in 2007. While the conservancy restored as many tiles as possible, there were some tiles that were damaged beyond repair. The new tiles were manufactured by hand by Maw and Company in England. Of the 15,876 original tiles that were removed, only about 10% needed to be fully replaced. The ceiling of the arcade has 49 panels, each with 324 tiles. The restoration was eventually completed at a cost of $7 million. 

If you happen to be in the area of the park of West 71 and 74th Streets, you can visit Strawberry Fields named as a tribute to John Lennon. It is quite a special place indeed.

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