Tuesday, July 11, 2017

10 Best Foods in Grand Central Terminal

I really love visiting Grand Central Terminal and it's wonderful selection of food offerings. It is a great place if you have a group of folks who may not like the same types of meals. These are some of what I feel are the best choices, and you should add to you "to do" list when visiting! I really love the newly opened Great Northern Food Hall, so many unique tasting choices. The Oyster Bar is a classic, and I love my oyster stew as well as fried oysters! In no particular order:

1. Grand Central Oyster Bar
2. Shack Shack
3. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
4. Too Boots Pizzeria
5. Cipriani Dolce
6. Great Northern Food Hall 
7. Financier Paterisse
8. The Campbell Bar 
9. Bien Cuit 
10. Eata Pita  

The pastries at the amazing Financier Pastry shop !! 

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