Friday, June 16, 2017

Upper West Side Walking Tour

The Upper West Side is a fabulous area for walking. The best way is to not have an agenda, and just see what you find! Here are some of my faves! The Museum of Natural History, a gorgeous building and wonderful exhibits. Plus, The Night at the Museum is one of my favorite films.  
Don't laugh, but I have yet to try a Shake Shack burger. The lines are just always too long, and I refuse to wait for a burger. One of these days I will sample something.  
I forgot where I saw these, but I just love them. The architecture here never gets boring and no matter how many times I see something, I see something new.  
I would love to add flower boxes to my home. They just look so darn lovely.  
This is in front of the famous Dakota building.  
Classic Upper West Side architecture. I cannot get enough!  
I am still dreaming of these lemon pancakes with a dollup of ricotta on top from Gina La Fornarina. This was a stop that wasn't planned, and it turned out so darn well.  
Nice Matin is located in the Lucerne Hotel, which is a gorgeous building. A more detailed shot is below, they took so much time with these buildings.  

This time of year, stopping at Jacques Torres for some ice cream would make you very happy.  
I love when you just stroll upon a farmers market. You find them all year round in the city, I wish my hometown would have them 12 months a year.  

Levain Bakery is just the ultimate "go off your diet" bakery. I was in the city on a Sunday, thinking I could just pop in and pick up some items - the line was almost down the whole street! They are opening a 3,000 square feet new location on 351 Amsterdam Avenue between 76 & 77th Streets. This shop will still remain open. I cannot wait to check out the bigger space and get my hands on some of those cookies!! 

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