Friday, June 23, 2017

Simit Sarayi on Fifth Avenue

Walking around the city, with not a big agenda, I came across Simit Sarayi. It is located on Fifth Avenue between 38 and 39th Streets. It looked interesting so I made my way inside. 

How cool do these look? The cuisine is Turkish, and a simit is a turkish style bagel. I did not try one but I was very anxious to do so. 

These looked really wonderful which is a pastry filled with spinach and cheese 

How fantastic does this pizza look? 

Great sandwiches available as well 

These look so awesome, don't you think? They reminded me of a pretzel! 

I actually ended up picking up some cookies, they are a bakery as well as savory foods, and they were off the charts! I cannot wait to get back and try some of these unique items. This is what I love about New York City. You are exposed to so many new things that you probably would never see in your hometown. I am all about new and unique experiences!! 

I found these stained glass windows on my walk from Simit Sarayi and had to share their beauty with you! 

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