Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

I hope that everyone who celebrates the Easter holiday today has a most fantastic day! The photo above is of me with my Aunt Lenny and Uncle Jimmy. I had many Aunts and Uncles growing up, kind of like having many Grandparents! We were very close, and spent every holiday together. Aunt Lenny was my Mom's sister (she was old enough to be her Mother!) and they were very close. They both loved gardening, and Uncle Jimmy worked for a local florist when he retired. Every Easter Sunday morning he would bring me my fresh corsage for my coat. It was a wonderful tradition. My outfit was made by my Mom ( I didn't inherit her sewing ability), hat - coat - dress - gloves! I have wonderful memories of the Easter holiday, and making new ones each year. My family is always in my heart, and are with me making the new memories too!

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