Thursday, March 9, 2017

Throwback Thursday "Sinatra at the Stork Club"

The Sinatra Family. Image via Spooner Central website 

What a really fabulous photo. My Dad was a huge Frank Sinatra fan, and played his music very often in my home. I am now glad because it gave me an appreciation for this larger-than-life performer. 

In 1929 during Prohibition, Billingsley, an Oklahoma-native and ex-bootlegger, started the joint as a speakeasy on West 58th Street. Two years later, Prohibition agents came knocking on the door and shut the joint down. Billingsley, refusing to let the agents stop him from running a lucrative business, relocated to East 51st Street. In 1934, when booze was legal again, Billingsley moved his club to East 53rd Street to a space with plenty of room for dancing. The Stork Club, then legal, remained there until it closed its doors in 1965.

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