Monday, March 20, 2017

Monica's Gourmet Cookies Review and QVC Alert

I am thrilled to bring you another in-depth review of Monica's Gourmet Cookies. I found out about these amazing confections on Instagram. I just love social media for introducing me to new products. I am a big cookie lover, and I like a soft, chewy cookie. Monica's are that cookie. 

Here is some information about Monica: 

Monica's Story: 

In 1991, while confined to bed rest during a high-risk pregnancy, the beginning stages of what now comprise my gourmet cookie collection began to take shape. Flavors, ingredients and measurements rushed through my head, and I diligently used my pen and paper – my only means of creation – to record it all. Post-pregnancy, having given birth to my second daughter, I returned to my list of potential concoctions.

Several months later the fruits of my 'labor' paid off – the ideal blend of ingredients was finally determined, and an incredible cookie was born … followed by more! However, it took a few years to duplicate each batch to absolute perfection – and for me to discover just how significantly these cookies would affect my culinary future. During this time, my cookies were a staple at every one of my gourmet catering bookings. Before long, it didn’t matter what scrumptious entrees and side dishes I had created as long as my cookies were a part of the menu! Over time, requests for my cookies became so frequent that fulfilling those orders began to eclipse my regular catering business. Ultimately, due to growing demand and my undeniable passion for my creations, the cookies became my primary area of concentration. 

I was sent the assortment of cookies, and so kindly shared with my co-workers. You receive 12 cookies in a 2 pound box. These make great gifts, for just about anyone and any reason. When you open the box, and the smell arrives at your nose, you are one happy person! 
I LOVED this included in the box and it is oh so correct! They do freeze well as I have done that before but you find yourself eating them before the 3 months is up. 

How fantastic do these look? My co-workers were amazed at the flavors and taste. 
Red Velvet, Peanut Butter with Chocolate dip, Lemon, Regular Chocolate Chip, Almond. 

The Almond one is just unreal. The flavor and taste is just so so good. They are all really wonderful. You cannot go wrong with any flavor. 

Monica's makes gluten free selections as well, which will make those who need to not eat gluten very, very happy! 

It is hard to choose a favorite, as they are all just fantastic. 

These cookies are great for your child in college, for Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas, any holiday as they can serve them with holiday dinner. It is really hard to share these cookies, you want to keep them all to yourself! 

I was thrilled to hear that Monica's Gourmet Cookies is going to be on QVC March 27th! I am sure they will have some great deal in purchasing these cookies, and I am sure I will be buying a box. They may even have a special cookie just for QVC! You can order direct from Monica's website, or when she is on QVC. I cannot recommend these cookies enough, and to see my co-workers go bonkers over them, confirmed it more for me. I love sending them to friends as a surprise, it really makes their day!

QVC ALERT: Monica's Gourmet Cookies will be debuting on QVC March 27th in the 3-6pm eastern time slot. It would be pretty smart and brilliant if you watched, and ordered some cookies. You will be the most happy person when you receive these cookies, just trust me!

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Disclosure: I was provided some cookies from Monica's Gourmet for this review. There has been no monetary compensation for this post. I only recommend products that I feel will be of interest to my readers, and that I am truly impressed by. These cookies are the best I have ever enjoyed. All opinions are my own. Thank you!!

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