Monday, February 13, 2017

A Stop at Chelsea Market

I was thrilled to get back to Chelsea Market last fall, it has been a while since I popped in the wonderful food heaven! Staying right across the street at the Maritime Hotel had it's advantages! 

Did you know that Chelsea Market was actually the National Biscuit Company? 

They have all these vintage items just as you walk in. So wonderful! 

I just love that Oreo sandwich, don't you ? 

Eleni's is one of my favorite stops in here, the most gorgeous cookies. A fabulous item to bring back to family and friends. 

Gorgeous flowers from the florist inside the market. 

Li-Lac Chocolates are out of this world, a must try if you have not yet. 

Seed and Mill is one of the newer places, at least since I had visited 

Everything looked so good, and I didn't have time to try, but next time will make a point to do so. 

Here you will find artisanal halva, tahini, and other sesame treats. They make recipes in ways you never thought possible. It was quite a busy stand as well. 

The Nutbox was a great place as well, and I took some items home as well as shared with my office. Everything went over real well, and I will be stopping here again when visiting the market. 

There is nothing like fresh spices for cooking, and Spices and Tease is a perfect place for fresh ingredients. 

These really looked quite amazing 

Look what I found? Our friend, Cannoli looking very fresh and tasty! 

Everything here looked just too darn good! 

You cannot stop here without a visit to Fat Witch Bakery. If you like brownies, you must try these. They are like fudge. Out of this world and the witch is a great lady as well! 

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