Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Gansevoort Market

While staying at the Maritime Hotel, I really had the chance to check out the meatpacking district more than I ever have before. I loved the Kiehl's store, their products are one of my most favorite. 

I had to check out the new Gansevoort Market, which is a food hall and great for lunch, dinner or just a bite when the hunger pains strike. I really love these food halls because if you are with a group or someone who likes different food than you, there are so many choices. It is also nice as well that many amazing food vendors are all under one roof. 

Here is some history of the market from their website: 

In 1884, The Gansevoort “Farmers” Market named after Revolutionary War figure Peter Gansevoort, opened the first open-air produce market for buying and selling regional produce on the site of the former Fort Gansevoort location. In 1887, meat, poultry and dairy products were added and the market was relocated to what is currently Gansevoort Street and renamed the Gansevoort Market.

The Market created a bustling and lively scene, Harper’s Weekly described the spectacle in 1888: “During the dark hours of early morning, as hundreds of wagons of all descriptions converge upon the market, pandemonium reigns as traffic chokes the thoroughfares for blocks around.”
I was really disappointed that the donut place was not open when I visited. 

Dana's Bakery makes some fantastic french macarons. 

I tried the Elvis which was peanut butter, bacon and banana. It was pretty fabulous! 

This looked so darn moist! Probably melts right in your mouth. 

I really love empanadas! 

The rice pudding shop was not open either, I really love a good creamy rice pudding. Have to stop back when in the area to try. 

If you want a burger, it is here as well 

I had been dying to try the Big Gay Ice Cream 

This shoe was their tip jar - so fun ! 

I was disappointed they didn't have any of their famous ice cream creations at this location, but I went with vanilla and chocolate with sprinkles. Everything is better with sprinkles. 

The Meatball Guys looked really yummy. 

Talk about great pizza, look at the oven! 

I need to get back to try one of these, they all looked amazing 

Such simple ingredients make for a very tasty pizza! 

This was a crab tostada and it was quite tasty! 

There are 20 vendors here, which gives you a very good dining selection 

If you have never tried gelato, you need to ASAP. 

It is just as good as these photos look, maybe even better. And it is healthier than ice cream! 

Crepes are such a good choice, tasty and light 

Such a lovely area of Chelsea/Meatpacking district. I would highly suggest a visit to this market and enjoy some of these amazing vendors tasty treats!                    

Open 8am-8pm daily 
353 W. 14th St, NYC, NY 10014

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