Friday, November 18, 2016

New York City Cake Designs

Have you become addicted to the Pinterest website yet? If you have not, you are missing out on some really fun items! From recipes to DIY to shopping to travel, you can find whatever you like on Pinterest. I didn't get into it right away, but am totally addicted now! I decided to search for some cake designs of New York City and was amazed at what I found. I think you will really enjoy these totally awesome cakes of the best city in the world!! 
There are so many themes that you can use for a New York City cake, the options are endless! I think it is nice to use what the person likes about the city, or their favorite spots, to showcase on a cake. Fun girly theme here for sure! 
Totally love this one! So so fun !! 
The skyline and taxi cabs are easy ideas that look fabulous for a NYC cake ! 
Cake pops are so fun, have you had one yet? I think they are a nice way to have a bit of cake and frosting, but not to overdue it. These are wonderful! 
This is the Cake Boss NYC cake from his cafe near Port Authority 
A really nice way to use the skyline here 
looks like a fun wedding cake here with a more modern NYC theme! 
very pretty this one is and clever design too 

really lovely 2 layer cake with that gorgeous skyline  
Totally love this one for a guy, fabulous ideas  
Another real favorite of mine and very unique! That cuppie looks wonderful! 
A groom's cake of the Chrysler building which I wouldn't mind as a wedding cake all on it's own. This was done with total perfection!  The cake was by Charlesa Sims, the groom was from NYC and wedding was in Texas! 
The last two were my total favorites. This one has just about everything I would love on a cake! Broadway, 5 Napkin Burger, Crumbs, Skyline, Cabs, Barney's and the NY Apple.  Made by Glasgow Cake Studio, located in the UK ! 
My second fave of course involves cannoli and cappuccino from Cafe Roma in Little Italy on top of the cake which I just totally adore!! Made by Carrie the Cake Fairy in honor of her trip there with her Mom! 

I hope that you will give a me a follow on Pinterest, I would really love it! Do you have any favorite folks that you follow on Pinterest? Please let us know as I would love to check out their boards! 

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Lilli said...

Im so addicted to pinterest too! You found the most amazing cakes of NYC!:) Kisses dear, have a good day! xo

miss b said...

Wow these are amazing. I like the cupcakes in the first photo - there's even a big brown bag! I can see why you like the last one - so cute and would be perfect for you! The taxi and skyline cake is so creative too.

Rowena @ rolala loves said...

These cakes are super cool and I love that they all pay tribute to my favorite city in the world. I have a friend who is a cake artist and I'm just in awe of the talent that goes into creations like this. And yes Pinterest can be terribly addictive but in a fun way :)

Rowena @ rolala loves

A Very Sweet Blog said...

those are the cutest! i love the cupcakes even more than the cakes. i could be on pinterest all day pinning stuff like that. so much inspiration.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

What gorgeous cakes! I really love the last one.



Pearls of Style said...

It's incredible what can be done these days with cakes. So many clever ideas! I'm totally addicted to pintrest too!

Krissie x -

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