Friday, September 9, 2016

The New York Palace Courtyard, Eden Art and The Pomme Palais

When I find places I like in the city, I tend to return over and over. As much as I love to find new places, some are too good to not re-visit. My bus has a new drop off point now, Madison Avenue, and it gives me a great chance to pop in the NY Palace Hotel Courtyard. It is just beautiful.  
They were doing renovations for quite some time, so I was thrilled to see this reopened. Anyone can pop in here for a seat, and rest those legs from shopping/sightseeing all day. It is a glorious place.  

This fabulous piece of art was waiting for me on my last visit from Eden Fine Art. Eden is a really cool art gallery located on Madison and 50th Street and you must stop by for a peek.  

Kracov's "The Gift Of Life", standing over 10 feet tall, and consisting of over 3,000 individually hand-painted butterflies, is a perfect match to The New York Palace Hotel, where elegance meets modernism. 

"It's a beautiful experience to create a piece of art that in itself tells a story", says Kracov, "and draws the viewer into the artist's world, where they don't want to leave." 

The elegance and splendor of The New York Palace Hotel, located on the corner of Madison Ave and 50th St, is a perfect compliment to the colors and movement of Kracov's newest monumental sculpture, "The Gift Of Life", and is currently on display for public viewing. 

And to see many of Kracov's original sculptures and limited editions, come to Eden Gallery, next door to The New York Palace Hotel, located at 437 Madison Ave.

The fabulous restaurant VILLARD MICHEL RICHARD entrance is from the courtyard  
Pomme Palais is a less fancy place, with amazing desserts as well as savory items. Cheddar pecan shortbread cookies. Nothing more is needed to be said here. Yum.  
These remind me of colored pearls. So gorgeous!!  
 I sampled this macaron cake last year at their holiday tasting, To Die For. And, very pretty as well.  
 I still need to try these. It is on my ever long "to-do list".  
Mini apple pies I believe. How darn adorable!!  
French pastry is edible art. Look how great a painting these chocolate cakes would make! 

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