Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Gorgeous Works of Art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

You can never visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, or The Met, enough. It is such a fabulous museum, and I have yet to see everything inside! Here is a bit of a tour for you of a few things and I tried to photograph what they were as well. Such amazing beauty everywhere you turn in this historic place. Enjoy!! 

So much detail in these pieces 

One of my favorite areas of the museum is where the Tiffany glass is displayed  


I am a huge lover of Egyptian art and The Met has an amazing collection  

You see this alot in the museum, must be so great to be an artist and get to view these works from so many masters!  

Have you visited The Met? What is your favorite part of the museum?

 If you have never been, it is a MUST see in New York City!

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