Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Balducci's To Go

I wrote  a post last year titled Balducci's is Better than McDonalds in NYC , meaning you should NOT eat at fast food joints when in a big city. There are so many fabulous places to try, even for something simple, be daring, that is what travel is all about! I was thrilled when Balducci's contacted me to visit their store with their manager and hear about their items. 

Their Gourmet on the Go concept is located in the historic Hearst Tower, between West 56th and 8th Avenue. This is where the locals eat, so you want to check it out. The folks who work in the area stop here for lunch almost daily, and the selection is just so varied. 

How on earth you choose something here really blows my mind! If I worked near here, I would get something different every day! 
Everything is made with the freshest ingredients, and just look at that salmon on the bottom! I just love salmon, and so healthy for you too! 

That lobster roll is calling your name! 
The selection of drinks is really cool, lots of items made in New York, things I don't normally see when in Pennsylvania. 

The salad bar is pretty amazing, so many great ingredients to add to make your salad as tasty as possible. 

Crepes are another choice here, I just love crepes. My Mom actually made her own from scratch, and would freeze them until we wanted to use them. This makes a fabulous lunch or dinner item for sure! 

Fresh made sushi is another option here, and what an easy lunch to take back to work. I also like this place to grab some items and take back to your hotel. If you are watching your budget, this is a great way to have some really tasty food, and yet not break the bank! 

These cookies were adorable! 
Balducci's On the Go carries some of the great dessert items from some of the BEST places in the city, like those cakes from Zaro Bakery! 

Little Pie are some of the most yummy pies you will ever taste! 
Macaron Cafe's french macarons are just oh so good! 
As you can see, a great place to pick up some items for breakfast in your hotel room, without the huge room service expense. 
I love croissants, especially chocolate and almond ones! 
I hope you get the idea that this is a place you need to visit when in the city. You will be very pleased with whatever you choose to try! 
They also have fresh filled cannoli as well, chocolate dipped shell is just oh so special! These were so tasty, the filling was perfect and I was over-the-moon enjoying my favorite treats! 

Some of the beauty of the Hearst Tower, the building was completed in 1928 owned of course by William Randolph Hearst. The Tower was completed many years later, and it's considered a historic landmark. Just lovely!  

Balducci's To Go  
Hearst Tower
301 West 56th St and 8th Avenue
(646) 350-4194
Mon-Fri 7AM to 8PM, Sat 8AM to 8PM,
Sun 9AM to 5PM

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