Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Stroll on the Upper East Side with Me

I know how many of you love taking walks with me in the city. This was my stroll after I visited the Charles James exhibit press preview. Being in the city on a Monday is nice because you really don't have as many crowds as on the weekend. How fabulous is this view?? It was a gorgeous day! 
A light breakfast at Sant Ambroeus is a MUST. Trust me, and I know that you do, make a reservation so you are not disappointed if it is really busy. 
When I look up, and see views like this, I just smile 
How gorgeous is this architecture? 
This amazing place is the Harry F Sinclair House, or the  Ukrainian Embassy on 79th and 5th As many times I have seen this in person, it is always a joy each visit! 
This door is extraordinary! And very, very large, too!! 
Another view looking up which makes you go WOW ! 
You have to appreciate all these gorgeous homes on the Upper East Side. In person, you can see the size and such detail in the work in such a fabulous way! 
Doors in New York City are always stunning. This one was really one of my faves for the day and I just had to share with you! 
In the summer, flowers abound outside most of the residential buildings 
The work on this door was just unreal. Beautiful. 
Details are never far from you when you walk around the Upper East Side. 

What a marvelous brownstone! Details all over the place here. 
I wish my home could have flower boxes as I find them so lovely. 

I hope you enjoyed this little walk with me around the Upper East Side. Be sure you add this amazing area to your "to do" list when you visit the city. It is a great area to just take your time, walk around and explore the beauty. 

Today's Words of Wisdom: "New York is not a city. It 's a world" - Unknown 

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