Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ristorante Morini Review

I was invited by Krista of NYC Talon to join her for lunch at Ristorante Morini a few months back. So much going on these days, it has taken a while for me to show you! It is an amazing Italian restaurant by Chef Michael White. 
Homemade focaccia bread and olive oil are always a real treat 
This was my appetizer, we had 3 courses for lunch, sometimes they offer a prix fixe which is a good deal. You can also purchase on Groupon when offered, which is becoming my favorite app lately. 
These meatballs were so amazing, I can't being to tell you. My Mom would have really loved this place, the food is really quite sublime! 
tomato-braised chicken-eggplant meatballs, mozzarella di bufala , basil
 TONNO bigeye tuna tartare, crispy fingerlings, radish, parsnip crema

Krista had the TONNO which she was was very good, I have to experiment more with these types of dishes. 
MILANESE crispy veal cutlet, spring salad, bruschetta, aged balsamico

Krista's main course was the veal cutlet, something that was a staple in my Italian home. My Mom would make loads of these and they would take them to a small cottage near a lake and enjoy the cutlet on an Italian roll. My Dad loved it for lunch as well, so darn good! The portion here was very generous size. 
SEA BASS grilled sea bass, cauliflower, pinenuts, golden raisins, saba

I am becoming a real lover of Sea Bass, and this was so amazing. The flavors really were exploding in my mouth! A beautiful, healthy and tasty dish! 
Vanilla panna cotta with citrus, pistachio, toasted meringue, and blood orange granita.

This was good, but, I felt a bit too orange for me. They were actually little mini meringues throughout which were ADORABLE! 
Budino featured Gianduja, chocolate crema, banana, and hazelnut gelato

This was Krista's dessert, and although I didn't get to try it, looked amazing. Chocolate anything makes me smile.

I really enjoyed this restaurant, and will be back for sure, as it is near many  museums on the Upper East Side. They offer a Sunday Supper family style dinner for $49.00 which seems very reasonable to me for the food you will enjoy. Chef Michael White has about 7 restaurants now in New York City, and I think more are in store. Good for us!

Ristorante Morini Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Address: 1167 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10028
Reservations: opentable.com

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