Wednesday, May 4, 2016

10 Best Cannoli in New York City

I should have had this list up a long time ago. Not sure what took me so long, I think I felt it had to be perfect since I am such a lover of cannoli. When I eat cannoli, it has to be the ricotta filling, or I won't indulge. It is my ultimate favorite! If you want to read the History of Cannoli, you can do so right here on this blog. These are what I feel are the BEST cannoli if you are craving one in New York City. Many of the places listed below ship their items, would be fun for a holiday or special occasion like a birthday! This would be a great list to do a cannoli tour on your own, try each place, and see what you think. If you have never had a cannoli, you MUST try one ASAP! They are the ultimate dessert! 

In no particular order: 
  1. Tasty Pastry Shoppe
  2. Pasticceria Rocco
  3. Ferrara Bakery and Cafe 
  4. Veniero's
  5. Caffe Palermo
  6. La Bella Torte
  7. Egidio Pastry Shop
  8. Villabate Alba
  9. La Bella Ferrara
  10. Circos Pastry Shop 

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