Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Simple Reminders

I am not sure if many of you are familiar with Simple Reminders. It is a website and book that I really enjoy on a daily basis. This is not a sponsored post as I felt since I enjoy it so much, I wanted to share the site with you. You can sign up for quotes on a daily basis, everyone loves quotes I think, they are so inspiring, especially in the morning hours. The topics range from various themes, but each one just makes you smile. They came out with the book after the website, which is a great item to carry around with you throughout the day. I just picked a few of the quotes to share here, and if you enjoy them, you may wish to sign up for their emails.  

Information about the book can be found on their website , I am hoping next year maybe they will do a calendar as I think that would be fabulous!

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