Monday, January 18, 2016

Jacqueline de Ribes The Art of Style The Masked Ball

I really felt these gowns needed to have their own post! They are so breathtaking, seeing them in person was a true joy! 
The exhibition culminates in a separate room called the Masked Ball. The three gowns here are fabulous magpie concoctions made from old dresses, trim, yardage, pompoms and fur, and each—a glittering Madwoman of Chaillot (1965), a hot-pink Scheherazade (1969), a swan-like Proustian duchess (1971)— just magic! I was viewing these with the British fashion journalist Suzy Menkes which was quite cool. Here are the gorgeous designs which I am sure will make you smile! 

I really didn't take these photos like this on purpose, but they actually almost match up to each other! Pretty wild I must say! Such gorgeous details on this one. 

open until February 21, 2016

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