Friday, November 6, 2015

Andy Warhol at MOMA

I had the chance to see the Andy Warhol exhibit at MOMA just before it closed. It was my first time seeing one of his exhibits, and it was really pretty darn cool. Andy Warhol: Campbell's Soup Cans and Other Works, 1953–1967 ran from April 25–October 18, 2015. Let's take a peek at this very cool pop art icon's work: 

To see this was really neat, the beginning of the painting  
I didn't realize he made so many of them! 

I loved loved loved the shoe prints! They would make great note cards, don't you think? I loved the wording below each one in his handwriting as well.  

Seeing these in person was very surreal, they are amazing!  

These were very sad to see  

I was never a huge fan of Elvis but this was very large and pretty neat in person  

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