Monday, October 19, 2015

Penhaligon's at Rockefeller Center

I was thrilled to check out the new Penhaligon's shop in Rockefeller Center! They just opened, and they had these neat British phone booth's to check out! 
The shop is tiny, but very elegant and smells wonderful when you walk inside! 

The bottles are just gorgeous! 

Penhaligon’s are the holders of two Royal Warrants. These are recognition of personal service of a high order, and today there are over 850 Royal Warrant holders entitled to use the title and Royal Arms. Penhaligon’s are very proud to be the holders of such prestigious Royal Warrants and will always strive to fulfill the strict criteria implicit with the Royal Warrant Association.
Mini bottles are available for purchase as well as solid perfumes. 
The candles looked wonderful and I am excited to try one very soon! 
It is hard to choose just one scent here! 

They make scents for the gentlemen as well, they were not forgotten in this historic shop! 
I purchased the Gardenia, which was really oh so lovely. I also liked the Lily of the Valley, they have a few scents in the purse rollerball form, which is nice to try a new scent. 
They were handing out the lovely flower on top of my wrapped tea-cup box! I was so thrilled to obtain this gorgeous tea cup with the Penhaligon's design! The folks working here were so, so nice and very welcoming. I can't wait to pop in again when in the area (which is often)! 

This was the adorable scent cart they had just outside the shop, to allow people to check out all their amazing scents! Too cute! 

I also loved the British mailbox in the shop as well. A great addition to the Rockefeller Center area and I am sure they will do very well. 

Are you a fan of the scents from Penhaligon's? What would you recommend to a newbie? 

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