Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fashion at the Pier Antiques Show

To say I love jewelry is an understatement. My parents bought me an armoire for Christmas one year, was the best gift ever. Sadly, I can use a second one to hold all my pieces! The Pier Antiques Show is a really great one for the vintage jewelry lover. 
These jewels were just so amazing in person! I could have purchased everything, well, almost everything! 

How on earth do you choose just one with a selection like this? 

The vendors come from all over the world to exhibit here, so you get the very best all under one roof. 
Diamonds are a girls best friend! 

Can you even stand all this colorful jewelry? I love that large blue cross, would look so cool on a very long necklace. 
Men are not forgotten here, my Dad would have a field day with these hats! Very dapper indeed! 
Did you know bow-ties were back in style? So much fun ! 

Loved the colors on this hat! This show is attended by costume designers for films as well as period television shows because of the vast selection. 
Colorful right? Love it !! 
A very original piece for a special event. 
I really enjoyed these Vogue plates! 

Those sunglasses would cause quite a stir in public! 
Seeing all these colors together just makes me so happy! 
I went "bananas" for this jewelry set. ( I had to, sorry!) 

I have a lovely cameo ring and pin that was my Mom's which I treasure. The selection here was just mind blowing! So beautiful! I love when the pin can also be put on a necklace as well. 
The handbag selection was just out-of-this-world! 

I am such a sparkle lover, and this Chanel bag was the ultimate sparkle bag! 
Tons of cuff links for the gentlemen who adore wearing them. I think they look very classy! 

Icon Style is a fabulous shop on the Upper West Side which has an amazing display of vintage items. They also sell online but the shop is so gorgeous, if you are in the area, I suggest you stop in. 

The show hours are Saturday November 14th 11am to 7pm & Sunday November 15th 11am to 6pm


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