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Eyeglass Styles for Round Faces

I am thrilled to work on this collaborative post with EyeWearDock. You know, glasses are such a fashion statement, this is New York Fashion Week after all, and it's nice to find some chic styles that don't break your wallet. EyeWearDock has over 5,000 styles to choose from as well as FREE shipping within the USA. Here are some great pointers for picking out eyeglasses for the round face shape: 

Eyeglass Frames for Women with Round Faces

Glasses can be a stylish accessory for many people, creating a unique and complete look. Someone wears glasses because of poor eyesight, someone - to protect the eyes from the sun damage, while someone - just to look trendy. For whatever reason you are wearing glasses, it is important to choose them correctly. So, before you decide to buy glasses, you must first determine the type of your face.
A round face can be identified by certain parameters: the width and length of the face are almost identical, visually forming a perfect circle. Women with round faces usually don’t have clear lines in the cheeks. Such persons look naive, but at the same time, round faces often look very inexpressive. If the lady has round cheeks, that means they just shadow beautiful almond-shaped eyes or sensual mouth. Such persons strive to be more feminine with the help of glasses. So if you want to choose the right glasses for round face, you need to follow some rules.

When choosing glasses for round faces, try to remember that the upper limit of their frame should have the same shape as the eyebrows. Do not buy round sunglasses for this type of face - this will only worsen your situation and make your face even rounder. For the same reason you can’t use teardrop shaped glasses.

Never use a sharp contrast when choosing glasses for round face. That is, you can’t buy bright, too dark, or massive frames. It is better to choose rectangular shape that will make a soft contrast. Pay attention to the frames with sharp edges at the temples, as well as highly placed ear pieces. It is better to choose glasses with elongated shapes. Rodenstock frames may be exactly what you are looking for.

If you have a round face which is not too large, you can try butterfly glasses. These models perfectly accentuate the eyes and add femininity.

The color of the frame should be gentle, without aggressive shades. For example, you can choose brown shades that will look very harmonious with the blonde and brown hair. You can also buy metallic silver frame glasses. Such a frame should not shine or contain too much elements of decor.

If you are looking for sunglasses, choose those frames that are wide at the temples. This trick will make high cheekbones less noticeable. Pay attention to the frames that will help make your face narrow. Unisex models are ideal for this face shape. You can find a good selection of designer reading glasses at

If we talk about color, there is absolutely no need to think - you can safely experiment with shades. You should not choose dark lenses - pay attention to the lenses of any color with a bright frame. Ideal sunglasses for a round face are calm glasses in a plastic frame.

Experiment with forms and you're bound to choose the best option. Follow our rules and be happy with your perfect eyeglasses.

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