Thursday, July 16, 2015

Poseidon Greek Bakery

Another place that has been on my "to do" list for a while, Poseidon Greek Bakery, finally got checked off my list! After my Business Chicks luncheon with Rachel Zoe, I headed to this spot prior to port authority for my bus ride home. This bakery, which makes savory and sweet selections, has been around since 1923. They have been praised by many folks like Bobby Flay, the NY Times, Zagat and Martha Stewart. I was really excited to finally take some items from this place to enjoy at home!!  
The shop is small, reminds me of the Italian shops that carry all the fabulous foodie items. Everything is made with the original recipes from when they opened 92 years ago. 
Many photos of celebrities decorate the place, who have enjoyed some of their great selection. 
My biggest problem was what to pick to take home. I am a huge lover of honey, and many Greek pastry has lots of honey involved, everything looked wonderful! 
They have original and rolled baklava, they said they made the rolled so it would be easier for folks to eat if they were just buying one to eat on the street. They are also great for parties to cut up and serve to guests, easier than traditional baklava. I got 2 of the rolled to take home. 
I had heard about Finikia, and had to get some of these as well. They make small size and large, I went with the large. They are UNREAL! Soaked with honey, so so so good! The large ones I purchased can be cut in 3, you can't eat the whole thing at once, they are very rich. I am in Greek pastry heaven!! 
These are Kourambiedes, melt in your mouth rich butter almond cookies - these you could eat quite a few, not very sweet and oh so darn good!!  
It doesn't get any better than this, does it ? 
Are you liking my new Liberty of London plate? I think it's just so darn cute! 
These looked very interesting, but I didn't pick one of these. I may get some another time as I am a fan of pistachios! This is phyllo dough with a roll of finely chopped pistachios and topped with honey. 

They ship items anywhere in the WORLD! You can call to place an order 212-757-6173. You will not be disappointed, I cannot imagine anything bad from this place!!

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Tuesday-Saturday 9am-7pm 
Closed Sundays and Mondays 


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