Thursday, June 11, 2015

Longwood Gardens Topiary Garden

I visited Longwood Gardens in April, and I must say, not the best time of the year to visit. It was cold in the morning when we got there, just as it warmed up, we had to leave. I have visited during Christmas which is just magical, and I prefer that time of year. I made the best of the trip, and really enjoyed this topiary garden on the grounds. 
Some of the 50 plant varieties were planted here in 1936, although most were added in 1958 from a Long Island Estate. 

You will find about 20 different shapes in this garden. I was really expecting Edward Sissorhands to come from behind one of these creations! ( yes, I loved that movie, even though quite sad) 

This was a real treat to visit as it was my first time seeing this garden. Longwood Gardens is a very impressive place, and for the garden lover, a must visit. I would just choose your dates wisely so that you can get the most out of your visit. 

At the age of 36, Pierre S. du Pont bought the Peirce farm and soon began creating what would become Longwood Gardens. He followed no grand plan; rather, he built the gardens piecemeal, beginning with the “old-fashioned” Flower Garden Walk. His later gardens would draw heavily on Italian and French forms. 

Many generations helped create Longwood Gardens, but Pierre du Pont – industrialist, conservationist, farmer, designer, impresario, and philanthropist – was to make the most enduring contribution.


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