Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Instagram June 2015

Are you addicted to Instagram? I must say, when Facebook bought the app, I deleted my account. I am so not a fan of Facebook. However, after a few weeks, I was really missing it, and had to create another account which is why my name is nycstylecanoli, missing a "n". I really just love the site, I think it's so cool to see some of the amazing creative folks in the world. My account is very diverse, from sweets to architecture to quotes, whatever strikes my fancy. And I fancy quite a bit!

Some of my photos from the month of June above are: flowers on my table in my dining room, gorgeous roses from the Architectural Digest Home Show, my omelet of spinach with fresh mozzarella cheese, the polka dot kitchen art installation of Yayoi Kusama, Saks Fifth Avenue Vera Wang bridal window, Anna Torte from the NYC departed Demel which is still in Vienna, gorgeous door in Greenwich Village, a fabulous quote and a fun diary from the cool store Flying Tiger!

You can keep up with my Instagram account here, and be sure to say hi so I can give you a follow back! If you have an instagram and would like to share your account, please do so in the comments below!


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