Sunday, March 22, 2015

Macy's 2015 Flower Show "Art in Bloom"

A wonderful treat after the harsh winter is the Macy's Flower Show! This year is the 41st time they have transformed their store into a floral wonderland! The locations are New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, and Minneapolis. I have attended quite a few shows and they are really wonderful, it is also a free event which is nice. You can shop and enjoy the flowers all at one time. The New York City lamdmark store  has many events going on, and you can check them out HERE. I have below some of the many photos I have taken at prior shows for you to get a little taste of what you will see!

The flower show is open the same as Macy's store hours. If you are a lover of flowers and gorgeous displays, you really should not miss this vintage Macy's Flower Show !!

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