Friday, March 27, 2015

Ed's Chowder House Restaurant

Ed's Chowder House has been on my "to do" list for some time. I was thrilled to get back into the city last Thursday after a few month absence. I had the pleasure of dining with Cutie Patroller from the blog of the same name. When 2 food bloggers get together, you know it's going to be a great time! 
Ed's Chowder House is located inside The Empire Hotel, a classic New York City Art Deco hotel. How gorgeous is this lighting fixture ? 
The decor is wonderful, and feels very "old" New York 
They have a $25.00 pre-fixe lunch which sounded like a great deal to both of us. The bread tray was very nice, with some corn bread calling my name! I am a huge lover of seafood, prefer that to steak any day, so I was really excited to finally try this place! 
crispy calamari / saffron aioli

My Mom loved calamari and got me hooked. Their dish was quite tasty, the breading was not heavy, just the right amount, and the saffron aioli was perfect. The portions in this lunch are just unreal. Many times when you have a pre-fixe meal, the sizes are smaller, but not here. We were shocked at the portion sizes for every item we had the pleasure to savor! 
organic salmon tartare / fresh cucumber & horseradish crème

The presentation here was lovely. I have never tried any kind of tartare, but was offered a taste of this one, and I have to say, I liked it. 
I would for sure order this on my own. Just very tasty! 
salmon sliders / lemon cucumber mayo & fries

The little buns here were so adorable, a very intense tasting slider, lots of flavor. The fries were also seasoned which makes for a yummy experience! 
seared skate wing / melted leeks, crushed potatoes & herb butter  

Is this piece of fish big enough? I mean really, the portions here are just unreal. They seemed to be full size for sure, which is a nice surprise. I tasted this as well, my first time eating skate and I enjoyed it very much, It melted right in your mouth! 
lemon meringue

The desserts did not disappoint as I imagined they would not after our 1st 2 courses. This is a work of art, and almost to pretty to eat. But eat we did and it was fantastic! 
vanilla banana cream pie

Words cannot describe this pie. It was so full of flavor and fluffy, I felt bad only being able to eat a few forks of it. Times like these I wish I was staying overnight in a hotel with a fridge to save everything. 

I cannot recommend this place to you enough! Amazing food, gorgeous atmosphere and if you can have lovely company as well, you are one happy person! I will be back again for sure, next time I am in the Upper West Side. You can make reservations on Open Table which I recommend highly. 

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Ed's Chowder House

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