Wednesday, January 14, 2015

MarieBelle in Soho New York

MarieBelle is one of my favorite chocolate shops! It is located in Soho, and I hadn't been in a while, so during my recent trip, had to pop in. Their windows are always so pretty! 
I will be so ready when the spring weather comes back! 
Isn't this just wonderful? 
A lovely place for breakfast or light lunch as they have a cafe in the back of the chocolate shop
The packaging is gorgeous, and makes such great gifts. Her hot chocolate is one of the best in the city. 
Lychee tea ! Ever since I ate a Lychee cupcake, I see the flavor everywhere! This has to be some pretty amazing tea! 
The entrance to the CaCao Bar where you can have a bite to eat and relax 
I love the stained glass design on the wall 
If you are looking for unique gifts to take back to family and friends, this is a great place to find something they will really enjoy! 

Her chocolates are works of art. You may not want to eat them as they are so beautiful, but once you taste them, it won't be a big issue! 

Have you had MarieBelle chocolates? 

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