Friday, December 26, 2014

Woops! Macarons and Cookies at Port Authority Bus Terminal

I first found byWoops! macarons last year at The Holiday Shops at Bryant Park. I was so thrilled to see they opened a small shop within the Port Authority Bus Terminal. I don't always get my bus here, but I do if I need to go in the city on an off day, not a Saturday or Wednesday, for some type of event. I am sure they will do very well here, what a great treat to bring home after a long day at work. 
Their displays are always very colorful and just make you very happy! 

The stars of the show are the macarons - the coconut and blueberry are quite flavorful 
Cookies and Cream is unique as well as the Peanut Butter 

They also have other items in addition to the macarons like cookies and belgian waffles! 
I think their prices are very reasonable for a very good quality product 

If you happen to be near any of their locations, which you can see HERE, I would stop in and take a few treats home. I know I will be stopping each time I am on my way home in Port Authority to satisfy my macaron cravings!!

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