Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Pop into Pomme Palais

I really love popping into Pomme Palais while in the area of Madison Avenue. My bus now drops off and picks up in the area, how favorable is that? 
This pastry shop always makes you smile with the great colors you find here! Are these not gorgeous or what? Almost a sin to eat them. Almost. 
Everything here are really edible works of art. 
I first just got a latte but then decided to try the pastry I have always looked at, to the back there, a 
St. Honoré - for sure too pretty to eat 
This is something you would NEVER make at home, unless you are a pastry chef. 
St. Honoré's puff pastry dough was flaky, soft, and delicious, as was the cream. Caramel was just to die for, cannot help but smile when you eat this work of art.  
I couldn't eat the whole thing, but what I did enjoy was just mind-blowing! That cream was so so good! 
Much work goes into making this kind of a pastry, and a great excuse to go off your diet for sure. 
Have you had a St. Honoré ? Did you like it? I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't, to be honest! 

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Pomme Palais

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