Monday, November 10, 2014

A Visit to Broadway New York City and Help Save Cafe Edison!

Upon my visit to the city to see the play It's Only a Play, I took some great shots of Times Square and those cool billboards. I like to just really go through Times Square as quick as possible, it is just so darn crazy 24/7. When I stay in the city overnight, the evenings are not as bad as the daytime. 

Looking up in the city always shows you such beauty! 
For anyone who loves architecture, New York City is just a dream! 
Lots of construction going on which just makes it even more crazy! 
Built in 1928 for Ethel Barrymore, this historic 1,058-seat Broadway venue stages acclaimed plays. So many of these great theaters have been around for many, many years and each one has unique details. 
1,069-seat Broadway theater, built in 1926, that hosts a wide range of dramas, comedies & musicals
Motown is in the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre a 1,505-seat Broadway theater with a restored 18th-century-style interior. 
The Samuel J. Friedman Theatre is home to Manhattan Theatre Club, this circa-1925 theater hosts modern American productions. 
John Golden Theatre is an 804-seat Broadway theater built in 1927 with a Spanish-influenced Mission Revival interior. 
The Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre is a Broadway theatre, previously known as the Plymouth Theatre, located at 236 West 45th Street in midtown-Manhattan and renamed in 2005 in honor of Gerald Schoenfeld. A very ornate 1,079-seat venue with shows by diverse playwrights, often with big-name leads. 
This was a gorgeous theatre, however, getting out took forever due to the packed house and few doors to go through. I really enjoyed this play, so many great actors and Nathan Lane was just mind-blowing! 
The Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre, formerly called the Royale Theatre, is a Broadway theatre located at 242 West 45th Street in midtown Manhattan. This theater hosts mostly plays & musicals in a 1,078-seat space built in 1927 in a modern Spanish style. 
The Imperial Theatre is a Broadway theatre located at 249 West 45th Street and seats up to 1417 people. The 50th venue in the Shubert Organization, this historic, architectural spot hosts major musicals. 
After my post about the Hotel Edison, I was sad to read in the NY Times that the historic Cafe Edison was closing the end of 2014.  Such a broadway institution for patrons of broadway as well as the actors, directors, and producers, a great piece of New York is leaving. They have a petition to sign to save the cafe. you can sign HERE if you wish. I felt the need to let you know, as I know many of you really love the historic places in New York City. 

"Glenn Close: There are some things that should be preserved in a district that makes NYC the premiere theater destination point of the world. A place like Cafe Edison has been an important gathering place for theater casts and crews for years. It is a place dearly loved. With imagination and goodwill, wouldn't it be possible to preserve it as the treasured institution that it has become?" 

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