Monday, August 4, 2014

The Carlton Hotel formally The Hotel Seville

This New York historic hotel opened in 1904 as the Hotel Seville just before the opening of the New York City subway. It was designed and completed by Harry Allen Jacobs in the Beaux-Arts style and helped turn the neighborhood into one of New York City's most elegant destinations during the early years of the century. I found this gem just by walking around the city one day, around Madison Ave and East 29th Street. The building just had me in awe and my camera came out very fast to photograph for you!! 
Hotel Seville – now known as The Carlton – was built in two sections. The first section was the 12-story limestone and brick building on the corner of Madison Avenue and E 29th Street; the second section was the 11-story western wing that extends from E 29th Street through to E 28th Street. The hotel’s main entrance was originally on E 29th Street, what is now the restaurant entrance; the new entry and lobby at 88 Madison Avenue is a modern addition. Gone is the rooftop sign.

Hotel Seville is just outside the Madison Square North Historic District (2001). The building did make it to the National Register of Historic Places in 2005.

Harpo Marx reputedly worked as a bellhop at the Hotel Seville, and his experiences are said to have been incorporated in Marx Brothers skits.

I have come to find I am very much a fan of the Beaux Arts design. It is interesting how you can become intrigued by something just by visiting New York City. I have been visiting since I was little, but just recently in the last few years, I really look at buildings with much more deep meaning. I am so glad the city preserves so many buildings and neighborhoods for future generations to enjoy just as we can today!

Hotel Seville now The Carlton Hotel Stats
Location: 88 Madison Avenue at E 29th Street
Year completed: 1904
Architect: Harry Allen Jacobs
Floors: 12
Style: Beaux Arts
National Register of Historic Places: 2005

Today's Words of Wisdom: New York is the only real city-city. Truman Capote

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