Thursday, June 5, 2014

Photo Galley Thursday " A Cappuccino at Vidal Sassoon"

Getting one's hair done in New York City is always a fun dream. I had my hair done one year while on vacation for about a week in the city, Upper West Side salon called Scott J. It was an aveda salon, and I do like their products, but was not impressed. So I decided to go for it and make an appointment at Vidal Sassoon on West 56th Street. I didn't have anyone to ask for, just made the appointment. I was impressed. They not only made me this wonderful cappuccino while I was waiting, but were very friendly and welcoming to a new client. I am a huge fan of the bob hair style, it is really so timeless, and wanted my hair cut at the namesake who perfected it. My stylist, Anderson, was really wonderful. He consulted with you first, looked at your hair, and listed to what you wanted as well as gave his opinion. Just so you know, they do work with other styles besides a bob at Vidal Sassoon. Anderson stated some people think that is the only cut they work with, rather funny! The stylists train a few years before they are actually out on the floor, and they do not use round brushes! If the hair is cut right, you do not need a round brush. Who would have thought?? Needless to say, I have had great experiences here, and as long as I am able, will continue to visit for my hair do. Now if I can just get that song out of my head "if you don't look good, we don't look good, vidal sassoon" (music in my head too)!! 

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