Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day 2014

My Mother was the 8th child in her family. In her day, families were very big, especially Italian families. The story goes, her sisters wanted to throw her out the window because they were all adults, and now had a baby in the house! She was very close to her brothers and sisters, some more than others. Both of my Mom's parents came from Naples, Italy and her mother, my Grandmother, was one heck of a cook. I never had the chance to meet her, and I really wish I had the opportunity. When I look at her photographs, she looks like a lady I would enjoy being around.

My Mom had her license to be a beautician, we still have her notes from beauty school, but most of her life worked in a children's boutique in my hometown. They sold great brands like Swatch, LeSportsac and Ralph Lauren clothing. She always had great style, and dressed many babies and then their babies when they grew up. She is my personal Tim Gunn when I am trying new clothes that I purchase, how fabulous is that?

I was listening to a radio show on Friday talk about those who do not get along with their Mother. Seems there are many folks who this holiday means nothing to, which I think is very sad. Unfortunately, we cannot make any member of our family a good person, so those who are, we have to treat them the best way possible.

My Mom gave birth to me in a hospital. I had never witnessed her in a hospital until the year 2013. She stayed out of them for a very long while, except to visit others staying there. The year 2013 was a very hard one for me, dealing with my Mom as she ages, and her health begins to decline. It didn't seem right seeing her in that hospital bed. When she told the nurses she had never been there, they looked at me like she was losing her mind. I had to tell them she was correct, she never had been a patient in this hospital. Mother's Day 2013 she was in a nursing home for rehab, and it was so strange not being with her going to eat at some great restaurant to enjoy the day. When things like this happen, you tend to realize what matters most in life.

This year, she has been doing well, and we have folks who care for her when I am not home. It feels very strange now being in the role of parent to your parent. It is a never ending job, but satisfying at the same time. We tend to feel our parents will last forever, what a nice thought. Some folks lose their parents at a young age, to illness or maybe an accident. I feel very fortunate that I have my Mom to the age she is today. It is funny when you are younger, you see other people and think "Oh they would be a great Mother" as you tend to argue with Mom in your early years. But as you get older, and you really see what she does for you, and how much she supports you, you realize how lucky you are that she is your Mom. I plan to spend this Mother's Day at home with my best friend. You have to cherish every moment, because you do not know when it may be your last. My memories are with me forever, and I still want to make a few more good ones before it is all over. I hope everyone who is a Mother today has a really lovely day with their family. You only have one Mom, once they are gone, you will never find that bond again.

Thank you Mom for everything that you have given me. Happy Mother's Day !!

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