Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Photo Gallery Tuesday " The American Museum of Natural History"

Upon walking around the Upper West Side, I came across the American Museum of Natural History. I am due for a trip here in 2014, as it has been a while since I visited. The outside of this building is just beautiful, and it is a rather large place. One of my favorite movies, Night at the Museum, with Ben Stiller, is such a fun tribute to this historic museum. Shake Shack is right across the street, which makes it very easy to try one of the best rated burgers in New York City before or after your visit. 

Have a Terrific Tuesday! It's a short week for most of us with the holiday, one more to go for me! 

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miss b said...

What a stunning building and somewhere I would like to visit sometime in the future. I've heard that the burgers at Shake Shack are amazing. I heard that they have may have opened branches in other countries too.

Lisa Gordon said...

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, Rosemary!

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