Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Vintage Car in Manhattan

One of the main reasons I love New York City is you will never know what you come across unexpectedly. I was walking down one of the side streets, and here was this awesome vintage car! I think it's a rolls royce but not sure.  
How cool would it be to drive around Manhattan in one of these gems?  
Even the back of the car is fabulous! I hope some of my readers who are into vintage cars can tell us the make on this one. I would think these would be used alot for weddings as well, but would be cool to rent one for the day and drive around the city. A girl can dream, can't she ? 

Today's Words of Wisdom: Push it to the limit 

I wanted to take a minute as well to remember those who lost their lives today on Sept. 11, 2001. It was a day we will all remember, those who lost loved ones, those who live or have lived in New York City, and those who have adopted the city as their own. I feel since that day, the city has showed what it is like for people to come together, and be stronger. New York City is the best city in the world. My heart is heavy today. 

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Daryl said...

it looks a lot like the car Bond No 9 perfume uses for their advertising

Unknown said...

Yes it's a Rolls Royce, it has the monogram RR in the front of the car-
I have seen one of those this weekend- It was for a wedding, this car must use for Weddings as well - Beautiful car!

Lisa Gordon said...

I would love to pull up at the grocery store in this!! :-)

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