Monday, August 19, 2013

A Sweet Tour of Amsterdam Avenue

lovely lollipops at Sugar and Plumm 

I bet you did not know if you have a love for sweets, Amsterdam Avenue is the place to visit! I am not sure why, but this street on the Upper West Side, has some of the BEST dessert/chocolate shops in the city. As much as I love food tours, this one is easy to do on your own. This past weekend, I made a trip to the Upper West Side, to see what these places were all about. I love to use google maps, especially on my smartphone, as it makes it so easy to find your destination. 
Jacques Torres is located at 73rd street and he is known as "Mr. Chocolate". His wicked hot chocolate is an institution, and is a great gift for family and friends back home.  

Levain Bakery was a place on my "to do" list for a VERY long time! Located at 74th street, and as small as can be, no seating here, but amazing goodies! The cookies are oh-so-famous, chocolate chip walnut and dark chocolate peanut butter were amazing, but anything here is pretty sweet! (no pun intended) They also ship on their website which is a FAB idea, imo.  
Ahhh Crumbs Bake Shop is located at 77th street. I normally am a fan of their cuppies, but have to say, they did a BIG miss with the cannoli cuppie. I finally tried it on this trip, and was not pleased. The cannoli filling was missing, and to me, if you are going to do a cannoli cuppie, do it right or not at all. Try anything but that choice here.  
Insomnia Cookies located at 79th is very small as well. What I would suggest is to purchase one item from each place, and split it between your group. This way you can taste a little from each place, and not be too overwhelmed by the sweet tour! Always warm cookies here, and those are the best kind to enjoy!  
Sugar and Plumm, located at 78th street, is a full service restaurant, as well as a sweet emporium. When you walk in, you cannot help but smile. They accept reservations via my favorite app/website Open Tableand I highly suggest you reserve your table as soon as you are able to on the website. A post with more detail of this place is coming shortly.  
The Treat House, located at 82nd street, is the newest of this tour. How wonderful a concept of rice crispy treats made in a very gourmet kind of way! They also have gourmet marshmallows as well. The BEST thing too is they give 10 cents for every treat purchased to the Food Bank of New York. A more in depth review of this place will be coming shortly on the blog. 

I hope you enjoyed this "sweet" tour of Amsterdam Avenue. It is very simple to do tours on your own, especially when a bunch of places are all in one area. The good thing about this tour is you are walking as you nibble on some sweets, therefore, burning those calories!!
Have you visited any of these spots? What were your favorites? Do tell ..........

Today's Words of Wisdom: Cookies are made of butter and love.  ~Norwegian Proverb

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Daryl said...

i love that you were in my 'hood, too bad you didnt let me know ... i didnt know about Treat House, i wonder what it replaced

Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Looks delicious, Rosemary!! I am happy you made it into the city this weekend! I am going in with my daughter for a chocolate tour later in the week...can't wait!

Enjoy your day! xoxo

A Very Sweet Blog said...

This was a very sweet tour Rosemary! I want to go to each of these places! I've never heard of them before and each are charming. Thanks!

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