Thursday, July 11, 2013

Photo Gallery Thursday " Sheep Meadow"

The 15 acre preserve known as Sheep Meadow is a fabulous place any time of the year, especially during the summer months. A great place for a fun picnic, just to lay and read a book, or get some sun. This area can draw up to 30,000 people a day. The Sheep Meadow fills the area north of the 65th Street sunken Transverse Road and west of the disused Central Drive. So, when are we meeting for a picnic? 

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miss b said...

Just catching up on your recent posts after my holiday. This lovely green area reminds me of safa Park in dubai with the skyscrpers in the background. Great picnic spot.

s.c said...

Nice picture especially with that incredible skyline. Thanks for showing.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Thanx for stopping by SC and Miss B
This photo is really what summer is all about! Have a GREAT day !!

R's Rue said...

Beautiful photo!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

haha! if i was there, i would definitely set up a picnic for us. lol the grass is so beautiful and i love the spaciousness. fabulous place to have fun.

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