Thursday, May 2, 2013

Photo Gallery Thursday " Are you following me on Romio?"

 I just wanted to tell you about the Romio site because it is starting to gain more use these days. It is a fabulous question and answer site for those visiting NYC or even those living there who are looking for suggestions of various places - best dentist, restaurant, good dry cleaner on the Upper West Side - best bakery in the Village -
I think it is a great idea and you can follow me there and ask questions about various areas of the city.
If you get the chance to stop by the site, that would be great, and if you can give me a follow there as well, that would be wonderful. I thank you all so much for reading this blog and your lovely comments and friendships that have formed over the years. It is very much appreciated !! I am so lucky to be able to meet such lovely people from all over the world. Have a fabulous Thursday!!

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1 comment

Unknown said...

You alway's post such useful little items on your blog! Thankyou xx

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