Friday, December 21, 2012

The Cake Boss Home for the Holidays Tour 2012

I had the pleasure of attending The Cake Boss holiday tour last week. This is the 2nd live show I have viewed in person, and they are really alot of fun. Buddy tours all year round, and this is the first holiday show I attended.  

The venue was the FM Kirby Center, which is a gorgeous art deco theater first opened in 1938 

The stage for the Cake Boss was very holiday themed with the red and green colors in full bloom 

Now, I must say, Buddy's shirt is red, not pink, the color in the theater was quite tricky for taking photographs 
Buddy started showing us how to decorate a cupcake with his signature flare. He did say his mom was doing as well as expected since her diagnosis of ALS and they have her in the best hands possible for treatment. 

This show is so great for the kids, they all seem to love Buddy and he loves them right back. I am just so thrilled that he may be showing them their beginning to a career as a baker or pastry chef. 
Here Buddy was making a Santa Clause from a heart shaped cake. It was pure magic. 

After he finished decorating each cake, he gave one away. These lucky kids came up on stage and had to hula hoop the longest to win the cake. 
Buddy and his famous "fondant". He brought this machine which rolls it out as thin as he needs it. He said if you are a serious baker, you need one of these machines in your kitchen. He is actually working on making fondant in sheets to purchase in the stores and all you need to do is attach it to your cake. I would buy that. 
The grandma's had their turn to try to win the next cake. 
They had the great pleasure of filling CANNOLI !! I was so jealous !! 

Buddy says working with fondant takes some time. You should not expect to get it perfect on the first try, but the more you work with it, the easier it will become. 
The Dad's were not forgotten either and this was quite comical. They had to close their eyes and raise their hands up in the air, then Buddy put on these basketball belts..........
The crowd was really just laughing so hard, including Buddy himself. He is here with the winner. 

Is it me or does the guy all the way to the left look like Ben Stiller's Dad ? 
The guy that won really had the moves. Everyone else was just trying really, really hard but it wasn't happening!! 
Buddy's oldest daughter, Sophia, was with him to help with the show. She was very professional, and helped out with the contests for winning the cakes. 

I would highly recommend this show, especially for families. It is such a fun time, and if you or your little ones have an interest in baking, it really shows you some interesting information. Buddy advised he is planning on having more bakery items shipped to customers from the bakery shop online. He also stated he was opening another bakery in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania shortly. (he did not say where in PA but I would think Philadelphia may be a choice) He seems to be really expanding the Carlos Bakery brand, which for us is a good thing.

You can check out my review of the Cake Boss Live Show here on the blog and also the Cake Boss Times Square location. I think I am in need of a cannoli right now!!!

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Sandy at You May Be Wandering said...

Looks like a blast, Rosemary! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekend! xoxoxo

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

It was alot of fun Sandy and a great night out for the whole family. I am really looking forward to all these new bakers in a few years!! Have a great holiday!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this event with us. You captured some great moments. I have periodically watched his show. He is so creative and has a great team too.



nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Yes he does Maria. He now sells cakes in grocery stores which I would like to try. A bit expensive but nice for a birthday or celebration. Have a great holiday!!

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