Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The 2012 Chocolate Show New York City

I attended the 15th anniversary of the Chocolate Show New York a few weeks ago. It is always a great show, they had a few vendors that had to cancel due to Sandy, but had close to 50 that did attend to show their confections.  I made the ride into the city with Cameo House Tours, run by my godparents, who introduced me to New York City at a young age. 

These lovely ladies were working the Chocolate Show Boutique, which sold I love chocolate bracelets. They were a great welcome as soon as you walked into the show. 
Macaron necklaces were calling my name but I just kept walking (so darn adorable) 

These truffles are one of the best at the show, and I believe they are 3 boxes for $15.00, which you cannot beat at all. They melt in your mouth. Never chew a truffle, is what I have been told. 

Francois Payard and his amazing french macarons 

This is how chocolate is first viewed, in a cocoa bean 

President Obama 

The chocolate fountain is always a favorite with the crowd 

Jean Luc Pele' had this amazing chocolate melted heaven 

Lucy was in attendance eating as many chocolates as possbile 

Another amazing chocolate creation, I just love the hair !! 

By Food Network Challenge winner Paul Joachim and TV chef celebrity Lauri Ditunno
For the 15th Anniversary of the New York Chocolate Show, Paul  Joachim will sculpt an amazing life-size fashion model out of chocolate and cake.  Lauri Ditunno will create her incredible chocolate clothing and place on the chocolate model. Enjoy the allure and beauty of a sculpture in such detail and artistic skill it looks like a bronze statue!

John & Kira's are really amazing chocolates and designed like fashion couture 

Marie Belle is one of the most tasty and elegant chocolate shops in the city 

The very friendly and first maker of the chocolate and bacon combo, Roni-Sue, was in the house 

Oliver Kita from the Hudson River Valley had chocolate that looked like jewels 

This was all hand made, and edible, for a baby shower by Les Cinq Amandes or The Five Almonds, and I couldn't stop staring at it  

How fabulous is this??

Fleur de Xocoatl had these gorgeous painted chocolates 

One was better than the next, if that was possible 

I am not sure how they do this, but they are quite talented chocolatiers 

The Dessert Still Life was really an eye catcher !! 

A good way to end the show, some Almond Roca Cream !!

Today's Words of Wisdom: Surround Yourself With Talented People 

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The Single Nester said...

Love the Lucy chocolate figurine!

Chic Delights said...

Wow Rosemary, this is a fun event to attend. I would be tasting on each stop over there.

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