Monday, October 29, 2012

Reasons to Attend the 2012 Chocolate Show New York

The 2012 Chocolate Show New York will be my third time attending this chocolate lover's heaven. I really thought the best reasons to give you to attend are in photos, not just the chocolate, but the fabulous chefs and art that is shown throughout. I would not view this post on an empty stomach. If you are planning to attend for the first time, feel free to email me any questions and I will be glad to assist. Now on to the show ...........
the history of chocolate from the beginning, the inside of a cocoa bean from the Chocolate Council 
Chef Francois Payard demonstration 
Prestat Chocolates from the UK and their gorgeous packaging 
Gnosis hot chocolate  
FIKA chocolate sculptors 
Chocolate Fashion 
French macarons from Christophe Roussel  
Chef Nick Malgieri demonstration 
Wonderful baking books and the authors available to sign as well 
Danish Chef and chocolatier Fritz Knipschidt demo, maker of the famous $250.00 truffle 

So what are you waiting for? If you love chocolate, if you love to bake, if you appreciate the finer things in life ......Get Your Tickets to the 2012 Chocolate Show New York !!!  

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Anonymous said...

This looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing the tasty pics! ♥

Daryl said...

Looks amazing ... a nice respite from the non stop hurricane coverage

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