Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

Upon my recent trip to the city...found this lovely display for fall by Flowers by Phillip on Madison wonderful....makes you want a pumpkin pie!!   
How about a Vampire Cake from Dean and velvet cake...with buttercream kind of vampire.....
I loved this decor...the lovely lights on each side of the door...the pumpkin and yes the decor on the door...just brilliant!! what else was I going to find......
hmmmm....a very spooky looking tree.....
a great NYC door with a mummy and some spiders....just what I was looking for .....
Yummy Halloween cakes by the amazing Black Hound NYC would be great to take to a party !! 

whoever says the Upper East Side is stuffy should have seen these great Halloween displays
this looks like it's going to be a really good one here ..... the little guy in what looks like a bathtub...could have done without the leg but hey, it is Halloween !! 
people really spent a lot of time on this and they are just amazing
Katie's Paperie is one of the most lovely stores in the city and this window was fabulous!! 
love, love this guy on the great red door !!

This post is another fine example of just going to a neighborhood and being suprised! I did not expect to find these neat decorations for a great Halloween post but when I came across them, I was so thrilled! Sometimes the best part about NYC is the unpredictable piece of it. It pays to take one day of your vacation in the city and do not plan a thing. Just walk and see what you will be amazed. I promise. 

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone !!!!

Today's Words of Wisdom: Freedom is in the Mind  

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Daryl said...

BOO! Happy Halloween

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