Friday, August 3, 2012

Sockerbit New York City

We are back in the West Village. I really feel one of these days, when that lottery ticket comes in, my apartment will be in this area of the city. We are back to Christopher Street, and the amazing place called Sockerbit, a must stop shop........Are these windows not fabulous???  
I was so excited to walk in this shop, I mean, who would not be ?? 
the inside is very clean, all white and really very crisp looking  
I don't know how I walked out of here just buying some candy because everything was just so unique and original. 

Here is some info on the shop from their website: 

Our mission and desire is to share the Scandinavian candy culture and the amazing selection of "smågodis", which translates into little candies.

For any Scandinavian person (Swedish, Danish, Finnish or Norwegian) smågodis is part of their everyday life; and most of the Swedes grew up with the tradition of "lördagsgodis", meaning Saturday sweets. Every Saturday children are allowed to buy their favorite smågodis as a weekend treat and it is usually the highlight of the week.

The idea of composing your own candy bag is a dream come true to everyone. Sometimes we feel like something sour and sweet at the same time... and sometimes we need chocolate but mixed with some fruity all depends on how we feel, our mood, the could say that each person's candy bag reflects the state of mind of that person.

We wanted to create a clean space where the center of attraction would be the sweets; their colors and shapes. Also a wide open space so people can enjoy the sweet atmosphere when you walk inside a Sockerbit store. In short we like to keep things sweet, simple and Scandinavian!

Sockerbit, literally means "sugar cube" and it is also the name of the one of our candies, a white-cubed marshmallow, which is also the original inspiration for our design.

Another trait of these tasty candies is that Scandinavian candy is made with high quality ingredients; free of transfats, colors from nature, free of genetically modified ingredients (GMO). All things combined make these candies delicious.

how adorable are these items??? 
these were candle holders in the shape of cupcakes  
all candy are in bins that you can take how much you want yourself  
Greven chocolates from the palace, on the right  
"real" licorice , love the containers!!  
this is their fudge and it is so darn good you cannot even imagine  
more funky licorice flavored with....what else....rubarb  
authentic swedish fish in 2 flavors  
these have an actual fizzy taste to them, in 2 flavors 

If you are in this area, please give these folks a visit. It is fun for grown-ups, as well as kids, and also has some lovely gift items too if you need some to bring home to family and friends. 

89 Christopher St.

New York, NY 10014

Tel: 212 206 8170

Fax: 212 206 8593


Sunday - Thursday 11 AM - 8 PM

Friday - Saturday 11 AM - 9 PM

(During the month of December the store will be opening at 10 AM)

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Daryl said...

a perfect treat for one's sweet tooth

Christina Conrad said...

Super adorable!


Missa said...

I need to head back to the Village just to go here. I walked by last week but my daughter was napping in her stroller so I didn't go in. We'd love this place!

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

It is such a great place and you can buy however less or more you want
Plus next door is great italian bakery for a latte and cookie!!

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