Friday, July 6, 2012

Tomás Saraceno on the Roof: Cloud City

Many people may not know that the Metropolitan Museum of Art usually has rooftop exhibits during each year. Since I was attending the fashion talk, and it was a gorgeous day, I figured I would check out the new installation. Quite an interesting piece indeed. Here is some info from the Met's website regarding this unique work of art: 

Tomás Saraceno on the Roof: Cloud City

May 15, 2012–Through November 4, 2012 (weather permitting)

Artist Tomás Saraceno (born in Tucumán, Argentina, in 1973) will create a constellation of large, interconnected modules constructed with transparent and reflective materials for the Museum's Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden. Visitors may enter and walk through these habitat-like, modular structures grouped in a nonlinear configuration. Over the past decade, Saraceno has established a practice of constructing habitable networks based upon complex geometries and interconnectivity that merge art, architecture, and science. The interdisciplinary project "Cloud Cities/Air Port City" is rooted in the artist's investigation of expanding the ways in which we inhabit and experience our environment.

This is really such a lovely place especially on a gorgeous day! 
They have cocktails, sandwiches and light fare to enjoy while viewing the artwork and views 
These lovely ladies are doing it right !!  
Those steps do not look very friendly to me! Yes, you can go up in the structure. I prefer staying on the ground!!  
That would not be me but I would think the view would be out of this world!! 

The views, the art, the atmosphere are a few reasons to check out the roof at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Please be sure to make a note for yourself if visiting the museum on a good weather day, this is a must stop. You can read about the rules and regulations for going into this structure on the Met's website HERE. There are timed tickets, and I was there on a Sunday, it was an hour wait to climb into the art structure. They are separate from your Met ticket to get into the museum, so be prepared you may have to wait a bit to do some climbing.

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s.c said...

Looks like a close packing of Buckminster Fullers Bucky balls. He was the inventor of spaceship earth and developed a lot of architectural geodesic forms. In the sixties there where hippies in the californian desert who practiced his ideas with constructions not unlike this one on the roof. Interesting and thanks for showing.

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

You are welcome Glad you enjoyed it!!

Daryl said...

I think I must get there and see this in person .. thank you

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