Monday, July 16, 2012

House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year 2012 Information

It is time again for the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year in Rockefeller Center. The designer this year will be Mick DeGiulio and it is always very exciting. The kitchen is open as of today, July 16, 2012 and runs until July 20, 2012. Here are some great shots I took at the 2011 event with the ever-adorable and nice Tyler Florence: 

The kitchen was amazing but you cannot except less from House Beautiful ......and it was a packed house! 
Tyler was really cooking in that kitchen, his dish was Hawaiian Tuna with Confit Carrots and Soy Caramel ...the recipe will be at the end of this post........
Did I mention it was a really hot day? This was probably one of the hottest weeks in NYC for the whole summer and the sunlight above Tyler was a bit of a challenge but he was a pro so not a problem!
This was my first time seeing Tyler in person and he was very down-to-earth and really geniune. He has been on the Food Network for 15 years...doesn't seem quite that long.........
People were asking questions left and right and Tyler was eager to answer and help out with any cooking issues the crowd was having in their own kitchens
Tyler has his own cool is that? We were able to sample and it was quite good. I need to see if my local liquor stores carry it or can order some for me
Tyler was explaining his recipe to the crowd.........
Everyone is smiling even in extreme heat because the demonstration was so much fun 
I was very impressed with how authentic Tyler was, and being a fan of his cookbooks and shows, I was happy to see that 
One last question from the crowd ..............

The schedule of events can be found HERE for the 2012 event. Prior designers have included Jeff Lewis and Ina Garten. If you are in the area this week, be sure to stop by and take a peek at this unique way of showing the latest kitchen designs.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible" - Dalai Lama 

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Daryl said...

a handsome man .. and that recipe sounds so yum

Christina Conrad said...

What a great event! I can't believe he's been on FN for 15 yrs... So glad to hear that he's as genuine as he's seems on tv.


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

yes he is and a lovely event just wish they would change the week because it always seems to be the hottest of the year. hard for people in that tiny area to stand and watch the events.

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