Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo Gallery Thursday " A Handmade Purse"

This purse was on display at the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show. It was handmade with items like mustard seed, soybean, millet. All types of natural products. This is just gorgeous and I would carry it. No doubt. It would be the talk of a room. What about you? Would you carry this bag? Have a most wonderful Thursday!! 

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Daryl said...

its lovely and unique but I wouldnt buy it because I wouldnt use it .. too small .. I need a purse I can put my phone, wallet, keys, kleenex and a lipstick in at minimum ..

Dee said...

I think this purse is very unique, but I don't think I could find an outfit to match. Your so right...this purse would make a great conversation starter. LOL


nycstylelittlecannoli said...

it is amazing to think they made this out of all natural materials. such talented people. I agree quite tiny but if u could fit all u needed in it, what a wonderful accessory to your outfit at a dinner party!!

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