Sunday, May 27, 2012

The French Open 2012 Starts Today!!

photos from 2012 French Open Store 

Today is the start of the 2nd grand slam tennis tournament of the year, The French Open. I know I have many new followers of this blog, so they may not know about my interest in tennis. I have been following since I was young, and have been attending the US Open since 1995. I love photographing the players, it kind of takes me to another world, to be honest. When I am in that zone, I become someone else. I thought I would celebrate today with some of my photos from previous US Open's I have attended. The French Open is played on red clay, and Rafael Nadal has won an amazing 6 times! Tennis is a very elequant sport, the women played in the 1920's in dresses, and if you have the chance to see it live, be sure to do so. It is amazing what these guys and girls can do to make that little yellow ball hit right on those lines. Hope you enjoy my photos: 
Maria Kirilenko 2007 US Open 
Novak Djokovic 2007 US Open 
Current #1 player in the world 
Maria Sharapova 2004 US Open 
Marat Safin 2007 US Open 
Li Na 2011 US Open
The 2011 French Open Champion 
Feliciano Lopez 2011 US Open 
Victoria Azerenka 2011 US Open
Current #1 player in the world 
Rafael Nadal 2011 US Open 
Ana Ivanovic 2010 US Open 
Vintage Andre Agassi with Brad Gilbert in the background 

Some great websites to follow all the action are:
Tennis Panorama News
NY Times Tennis Page
Down the Line Tennis

My post on the 2011 Wilson Fashion Show can be found HERE working as photographer with Tennis Panorama News.

Enjoy the tournament,and if you are a tennis fan, Who are your faves to win? I am going with Nadal and Sharapova myself.
Today's Words of Wisdom: Life is a Great Bundle of Little Things 

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Wenq said...

Hi check french open 2012 schedule, order of play, point distribution, results and more here
French Open 2012 Schedule

The Silver Bunny said...

Hello ! I love tennis too and although I don't have any tickets this year, I plan on going to Roland-Garros after work this week to see what I can watch and soak up the atmosphere. In London, I lived in Wimbledon for a few years and also worked in a restaurant which was the favourite haunt of the players during the Tournament. You would have loved it ! Your photos are gorgeous !x

nycstylelittlecannoli said...

Thank you and that sounds like fun living in Wimbledon. I think people forget it is a real town! Would love to see that tournament one day. I was in a restaurant in NYC one day during the US Open and Murray walked in with Brad Gilbert to eat. That was cool. I never bother them though when not at the tournament. I always like to be respectful. Enjoy the tournament!!

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