Thursday, April 26, 2012

Photo Gallery Thursday "Cheap Jack's Vintage"

These great windows are from Cheap Jack's Vintage on 5th Avenue and East 31st Street. They were really so creative and fun. This shop has any type of vintage you may be looking for, and their clients can be famous people, fashion editors or costume designers. It is quite a unique experience just walking around the store to view the amazing vintage items available. 

Please be sure to check out the new Pages on the blog. The Unique NYC Tours will feature all tours I have taken, and will show links so you can review each post. The Must Read Blog List has moved to it's own Page from the sidebar, showing some of the many blogs I read daily and just so admire. I hope you enjoy these new additions to the blog, as hoping to make it easier for you to navigate while you visit. 

Have a most fabulous Thursday!! 

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Daryl said...

I like the tabs .. and I must check out Cheap Jack's ..

aliceinparis said...

I have a feeling I would LOVE Cheap Jacks!

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